COVID-19 Solutions

Keeping your employees safe

As our country grapples with the new normal of virus spread, it is important to take every measure possible to protect employees and customers. SMSI provides a variety of solutions to help keep every person in your building safe. For monitoring, detecting, and disinfecting environments, we can help protect your facility and employees from COVID-19 and other pathogens.

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Sanuvox UV Indoor Air Disinfection

Safety isn’t limited to 6 feet. Ensure your entire building’s air system is helping contain airflow spread with 99.9% effectiveness. Sanuvox UV air sterilization can disinfect incoming air for any areas of interaction or production. Ultraviolet disinfection is a superior mode of germicidal/viral eradication inside air ducts to other solutions. SMSI designs custom systems for any HVAC application.

Stainless Steel Doors & Custom Objects

From doors to tables, handrails to containers, SMSI can fabricate high grade stainless steel objects for any high traffic touch areas. Stop viruses from spreading and protect your employees.

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Hands-Free Door Opener

Eliminate the need to use hands when entering and exiting high traffic areas. With a simple two minute install into almost any existing door, you can provide your employees and customers a safer way to navigate your building using their feet.

Personal Protective Barriers

Coughing and sneezing is something nobody can avoid. Prevent a potential spread of viruses by installing barriers in your facility. We create custom, shatter-resistant, clear Lexan barriers for production, cafeterias, and any other close contact areas. Keep people safe without disabling interaction.

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Thermal Entrance Monitoring

Help reinforce your entrance policies. Using AI-powered thermal monitoring, SMSI can help you automate your facility's security by flagging entrants with potential symptoms. With door access integration and Email/API notifications, you can protect against spread using the latest technology.

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