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Springfield Mechanical Services specializes in servicing HVACR and automation systems. We find the root cause of issues and provide long term solutions. Automated heating and air conditioning systems running efficiently on smart schedules will maximize building comfort and minimize energy costs. We make things easier for you by providing preventive maintenance, equipment repair or upgrades, and automating systems to increase efficiency. Our services are available 24/7.


Our Utility Savings Subscriptions are custom tailored for your building with no upfront costs for a flat monthly fee. With a proven savings track record for our customers, we can maximize the utility savings of your facility without the red tape of capital projects.


SMSI works with a wide range of equipment types and brands. Not bound to any proprietary relationship, we have access to all brands in order to find the best functioning, most cost effective solution for your building.


  • Building automation with mobile access.
  • Security solutions for safer experience.
  • HVACR service and upgrades.
  • Electrical audits, upgrades, lighting.
  • Water softening, hot water tanks, faucet replacements, light plumbing.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service.

Our Associations

“Springfield Mechanical has been a superintendent's dream to work with over the past 8 years. They do what they say, stand behind their service, and most importantly, have saved our district thousands of dollars. A few years ago when we were faced with budget cuts, Springfield Mechanical allowed us to get a handle on money that was literally escaping from the budget and put the funds back where it belonged-into the classroom.”
Shannon Snow
“The last three years our auditors have asked what have we done to cause our electric bills to decrease when the rates have been on the increase. I reply the only difference is being with Springfield Mechanical on a management system. When we added new HVAC units in our gym this summer I contacted Springfield Mechanical so we could add that building onto the system. Once you get everything set to workable set points, it goes oh so smoothly from that point on.”
Renee Sagasar

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