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Ever expanding safety requirements, plant connectivity demands, scalability, security and integration of other equipment have led to the proliferation of these inherently robust and reliable devices. In industry even small disturbances can incur large amounts of wasted time and raw materials. PLCs reduce human error by removing humans from the process. This increases safety, productivity, repeatability and reliability. While their cost and footprints continue to shrink, their performance and value added engineering continue to expand in virtually every industry imaginable.


Cobots provide manufacturers the automation benefits to optimize production while removing traditional costs associated with other robotic cells such as difficult set-up, machine guarding and complicated programming. For most applications, installation and programming can be completed in days versus weeks.


All of our PLC control panels are built to JIC and IEEE standards. We maintain the same design and construction principles of UL 508A and NFPA 79. All control panels are designed, assembled, bench tested and commissioned by our veteran team of electricians, controls engineers and automation technicians. Please contact us for all you servo motion, robotic, vision system and PLC/HMI/VFD requirements.


Maintaining a broad inventory of PLCs and other related equipment, we are well versed in multiple PLC manufacturers. This allows us to specify, program, test and validate function as well as provide support for most programmable logic controllers on the market.


We can provide PLC training, contract PLC programming, design engineering. We can help in selecting and implementing different PLC and HMI/OIT hardware, PLC troubleshooting and turnkey PLC solutions.

Our Capabilities

  • Repair of existing systems as well as addition or installations of new systems.
  • Create or update PLC drawings using AutoCad.
  • VFD replacement and configuration.
  • Third Party Commissioning of PLC systems.

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