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You’ll have peace of mind with an intelligent security solution designed to ensure business continuity, protect your assets, and keep people safe. From perimeter security to building access management, SMSI covers the full scale of your security needs. Small or large site we provide all security access custom to your needs. Reduce break-ins, inventory loss, and unauthorized personnel in your site.


Our products range from wired to wireless locks to meet your needs. We offer access controls that are flexible to fit any door hardware, maglocks, and strikes. Removing the need for keys by using one software to manage all user access.


A networked security fence as an additional layer of detection, or for sites wanting to monitor activity without the deterrent pulse. Detect intrusion without the intruder being aware. Continuously measure and report on wire tension. Monitor fence structure vibration or movement.


Network cameras offering a wide range of pan/tilt/zoom options to indoor/outdoor series. Cameras can record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm and/or motion detection. Flexible selection on wired/wireless/POE/3gPP and day/night environments.

Our Capabilities

  • Access control card, fob and mobile management.
  • Custom permissions for door access.
  • Alarm activity reporting, employee access and door alarm events.
  • Door schedule management and holidays schedule management.
  • Trained, professional security technicians install and service field hardware.

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